Basic/Intermediate Diagramming with CrashZone/CrimeZone (40 ACTAR CEUs)

Event Description

Basic/Intermediate Diagramming with CrashZone/CrimeZone

The five-day, 40-hour, course discusses the principles and operation of CrashZone/Crime Zone™ software used for illustrating crash and crime scenes. The class is designed with both crash investigators and crime scene investigators in mind. This in-depth, hands-on course will take you through the process of creating from simple to complex scale diagrams of various crash and crime scene scenarios both indoors (crime) and outdoors.

This course will provide the attendees with effective ways of maximizing the capabilities of the software program. Attendees will learn from learn from lecture, actual case examples, videos, and hands-on experience allowing them to generate immediate results.

There will also be an introduction on the various methods of both importing and converting total station files. Attendees will also discuss accuracy, chain of custody, and other admissibility issues in laying the foundation for diagrams to be admitted as evidence.

Note: There will be two “field” exercises where attendees will sketch and hand measure a crash or crime “scene” and then complete a scale diagram of the scene using the software. Attendees should bring appropriate items for hand measuring a scene; tape measures, rolatapes, etc.

Topics include:

-Measuring conventions: coordinate system, baseline offset (station line), and triangulation

-Basics of using the drawing tools and functions

-Adding text & dimensions

-Measuring distances and angles from a CAD diagram

-Placing and modifying symbols, creating custom symbols

-Creating custom legends, scales bars, and title boxes

-Creating separate layers for illustrating multiple “views” of the same scene

-Importing and exporting images, scaling and tracing images

-Extracting information for use outside of the software

-Preservation of electronic data

-An introduction to three-dimensional diagramming of crash and crime scenes

This course is approved for 40 ACTAR CEUs, IAI Crime Scene Certification Continuing Education/Professional Development Credits for recertification (not application), and CT POST approved.

Kent E. Boots, ACTAR, CadZone Master Trainer

Date & Time

Start Time: 10/02/2017 08:00 am

End Time: 10/06/2017


Basic/Intermediate Diagramming with CrashZone/CrimeZone (40 ACTAR CEUs) by in Rocklin CA