Forensic Mapping System Course (40 ACTAR CEUs)

Event Description

This five-day, 40-hour course taught by a Professional Society of Forensic Mapping (PSFM) approved instructor teaches the field investigator the skills necessary to put this effective system into use as simply as possible whether it's a crime scene or collision scene. The course starts with the background and theory behind the Forensic Mapping System. This will allow attendees to provide foundational testimony to ensure their scale diagrams are admitted as evidence.

In addition to mapping roadway and interior scenes, attendees will get an introduction to mapping vehicle damage profiles and crush using the total station. Attendees will also learn how to move the instrument from one reference point (RP) to another.

Each day will end with attendees going through the “download” process to get their scene from the data collection software into the diagramming software.

Tuition includes a copy of Fundamentals of Forensic Mapping, ISBN 978-0-9716634-0-4

Topics Include:
-What is Forensic Mapping?
-Nomenclature & terminology
-Where to set up & position the instrument
-Leveling the instrument
-Data collector & software familiarization
-Reference points & reference measurement protocol
-Field sketches & shot codes
-How to document physical evidence
-Shot code description libraries
-Setting up over a known point
-Mapping contours and profiles
-Moving reference points
-Vehicle damage documentation
-Report writing
-Court testimony
-Instrument checks

This course is approved for 40 ACTAR CEUs, and for IAI Crime Scene Certification Continuing Education/Professional Development Credits for recertification (not application).  This course is POST approved (plan IV) in CA.

Date & Time

Start Time: 04/24/2017 08:00 am

End Time: 04/28/2017 5:00 pm


Forensic Mapping System Course (40 ACTAR CEUs) by in Rocklin CA