Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes by IPTM

Event Description

This course is designed for experienced traffic crash investigators who have a good working knowledge of the techniques and applications of formulas taught in basic crash investigation courses and who wish to build upon that foundation with more advanced mathematical formulas used to analyze motorcycle crashes.

Various field tests will be conducted showing you a variety of motorcycle skids, accelerations and slide-to-stop drag factors. You will learn how to photograph skids and examine the subsequent effects that skids have on the tires and surfaces. Through these tests, you will gain valuable first-hand experience that can be beneficial in court proceedings.

You will be given a manual of applicable information to use as a motorcycle reference book.

Topics Include

-Analyzing and interpreting the motorcycle crash scene

-Determining acceleration and deceleration characteristics of the motorcycle

-Analyzing and interpreting modes of instability and handling characteristics in motorcycles

-Interpreting the operator factor

-Reviewing motorcycle tires, helmets and other equipment

-Using a practical application of formulas (projects)


Law enforcement and private traffic crash investigators, claims adjusters, engineers, attorneys, safety officers, military investigative personnel, animators and graphic designers

Course Length

40 hours


You must have completed, at a minimum, IPTM’s At-Scene Traffic Crash/Traffic Homicide Investigation course or its equivalent.

ACTAR Information

IPTM's Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes course is eligible for 40 ACTAR CEUs.


Brooks Regional Training Center

4910 Brooklake Road NE Brooks, OR 97305

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What Our Students Are Saying

-“In field exercises helped me better understand class concepts.” – V.B.

-“Teachers are very knowledgeable and they are able to explain formulas in terms that make it easy to understand and use for the normal accident investigator.” – C.B.

-“I would recommend prospective motor officers first take this type of course prior to attending motor school. A lots of valuable knowledge can be taken away from this course and applied not only toward investigations, but also toward motorcycle operation.” – M.C.

-“A lot of information provided even for someone familiar with motorcycles. Made as simple as possible through exercises and working through scenarios. This was an informative class and even being a motor officer and general motorcycle enthusiasts I still found it very informative and interesting.” – J.W.

Date & Time


Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes by IPTM by Institute of Police Technology & Management (IPTM) in Jacksonville FL