Crash Investigation and Reconstruction Aerial Photogrammetrist

Event Description

Crash Investigation Aerial Photogrammetrist prepares students to develop 3D models and orthomosaics from crash scene evidence captured using aerial and terrestrial photography.  In this course students will work hands on with the Pix4DMapper photogrammetry modelling software.

Course Content

  • Structure from Motion (SFM) concepts
  • EXIF data
  • Geographic projections & geo-referencing
  • Generation of sparse and dense point clouds and textured meshes
  • Selection and use of manual tie points
  • Conversion to local coordinate systems
  • Generation of X,Y,Z point lists
  • Correction of common problems in generated 3D Models
  • Exporting to CAD software

Date & Time

Start Time: 06/07/2017

End Time: 06/09/2017