Heavy Vehicle Crash Reconstruction (39 ACTAR CEUs)

Event Description

Heavy vehicles provide their own challenges when they are involved in traffic crashes. Their braking systems differ from those found in passenger vehicles and articulated vehicles (semi-tractor/trailer combinations) also behave differently than single units.

This course includes seven hours of field testing to demonstrate various vehicle behavior, braking and acceleration characteristics of heavy vehicles and to allow students the chance to analyze and apply the collected data. This course will teach and/or expand your knowledge of heavy vehicle braking systems, specific complex component issues that can be present in crash reconstruction, speed analysis techniques, Event Data Recorder basics and a lot more.  Case studies are also used to show how various analytic techniques can be applied to real-world crashes.

Date & Time

Start Time: 05/15/2017 08:30 am

End Time: 05/19/2017 4:30 pm


Heavy Vehicle Crash Reconstruction (39 ACTAR CEUs) by Northwestern University Center for Public Safety in Evanston IL