sUAS Crash Investigation Remote Pilot

Event Description

sUAS Crash Investigation Remote Pilot prepares students who are new to flying a small UAS (unmanned aerial system, or drone) to use this technology to reliably capture the photographic and video evidence at a crash scene for subsequent photogrammetric evaluation. sUAS and photogrammetric modelling techniques allow the details of a crash scene to be recorded in a fraction of the time taken with traditional survey station techniques and can produce photorealistic  three-dimensional models from which accurate measurements can be taken.  This course includes extensive hands on experience and is suitable for students without sUAS pilot experience and those who have basic flight skills but have not used them for the capture of crash scene images for photogrammetry.

Course Content

  • UAS setup and configuration
  • Camera configuration and settings
  • Camera controls
  • Pre-flight checks
  • Flight planning and patterns
  • Flight skills including emergency procedures
  • Image capture for day and night scenes
  • Terrestrial photography techniques for photogrammetry
  • Field measurements
  • UAS maintenance
  • Real world issues:Trees, powerlines, low light, wind, snow, etc.
  • Obstacle navigation techniques
  • Overview of 3D model construction and expected results from mock scene.Demonstration of common capture errors.               

Date & Time

Start Time: 06/05/2017

End Time: 06/06/2017