Traffic Crash Reconstruction 2 (35 ACTAR CEUs)

Event Description

The second in a sequence of three course on how to reconstruct traffic crashes. Focused on real-world case studies and lectures based on 2010 edition Traffic Crash Reconstruction, by Lynn B. Fricke. The case studies provide examples of more complex cases than those studied in Traffic Crash Reconstruction 1; thus, further development of the student’s/investigator’s skills is achieved. Focus on pedestrian and motorcycle accidents, oblique collisions and occupant kinetics.

Course Content

Trigonometry in Reconstruction
  • Unit circle
  • Trigonometric functions
Conservation of Momentum
  • Oblique collisions
  • Graphical solution
  • Mathematical solution
Occupant Kinetics
  • Injury mechanisms
  • Who was driving
Pedestrian Accidents
  • Pedestrian motion
  • Vehicle damage
  • Pedestrian injuries
Motorcycle Accidents
  • Braking capabilities
  • Speed from damage
Case Studies
  • Car-motorcycle
  • Car-pedestrian
  • Intersection crashes

Date & Time

Start Time: 05/08/2017 08:30 am

End Time: 05/12/2017 4:30 pm


Traffic Crash Reconstruction 2 (35 ACTAR CEUs) by Northwestern University Center for Public Safety in Evanston IL