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Gary Kilpatrick

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President and Chief Engineering Officer at Kilpatrick Forensics, PA
Jamestown, North Carolina 27282

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About Kilpatrick Forensics, PA

Who is Kilpatrick Forensics? Kilpatrick Forensics is a forensic engineering firm that provides forensic engineering investigation and analyses services for our legal and insurance clients. Our forensic engineers travel throughout the United States in order to investigate claims and causes of action resulting in personal injury or death. The Mission of Kilpatrick Forensics: Our mission is to provide to you forensic engineering services that are dedicated to the application of the art, science and methodology of engineering and the scientific method in order to answer questions of fact in the jurisprudence system to assist the trier of fact concerning accidents and product defect and failure claims. We utilize our engineering knowledge, skill, experience, training and education to give you an objective professional opinion that is thorough and comprehensive, understandable and timely. Our engineers have submitted written expert reports in state and federal court and have given sworn expert testimony under oath during both deposition and trial. What services does Kilpatrick Forensics provide? ‣ Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction involving cars, light trucks and heavy commercial vehicles • Download and Analysis of a Vehicles Crash Data Report (CDR) from the Event Data Recorder (EDR) • Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction • ATV and ROHV Accident Reconstruction • Computer Based Dynamic Motor Vehicle Crash Simulations Videos ‣ Industrial Accident Reconstruction (a partial list) • OSHA Industrial Safety Regulation Interpretations • Machine Guard Engineering and Machine Guard Safety Requirements • Personal Protective Equipment Requirements • Lockout/Tagout Safety Requirements • Kinetic Energy and Hydraulic Punch and Forming Press Accidents • Scaffold, Ladder and Work Platform Accident Reconstruction • Forklift Accident Reconstruction • Material Handling and Warehouse Storage Rack Accidents • Loading Dock Accidents • Manlift and Vehicle Mounted Work Platform Accident Reconstruction • Crane Accident Reconstruction • Machine Hydraulic System Design and Accident Reconstruction ‣ Consumer Products Accident Reconstruction ‣ Gymnasium Strength Training Machine Accident Reconstruction ‣ Product Defect and Failure Analyses ‣ Model Building ‣ Laboratory Testing Support ‣ Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Engineering Drawings ‣ Standards and Codes Research ‣ Training and Professional Development Who are the clients of Kilpatrick Forensics? We work with law firms, public defenders and insurance companies on civil plaintiff, civil defendant, criminal and insurance claimant cases. How can you contact Kilpatrick Forensics? Our corporate office is located in Jamestown North Carolina. Please feel free to contact us any time at 336-841-6354. Also visit our website at We look forward to meet with you to discuss your case.

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Name Kilpatrick Forensics, PA
Logo Kilpatrick Forensics, PA Company Logo by Gary Kilpatrick in Jamestown NC
Contact's Name Gary Kilpatrick
Position President and Chief Engineering Officer
Online Profiles
Phone Number 336-841-6354
Additional Phone Number 336-803-1639
3397 Cherrybrook Drive
Jamestown, NC 27282
United States
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Fee Structure $175/hr for all forensic engineer work in process which includes document review and report writing. $125/hr for long distance travel out of town in a car or commercial aircraft. $300/hr for deposition and trial testimony. Required approval and signing of our contract agreement authorization. $1,400.00 Advanced Billable Retainer Required.

Professional Background

Curriculum Vitae: View My Curriculum Vitae
Credentials: Degreed Mechanical Engineer. Licensed Professional Engineer in 13 states.
Associations: National Society of Professional Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers National Academy of Forensic Engineers National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists Society of Automotive Engineers American Motorcyclist Association The Accident Reconstruction (ARC) Network
Languages Spoken: English
Honors & Awards: Honorary MAE Hall of Fame - North Carolina State University.
Published & Press: The Physics of a Collision. Forensic Engineering Analysis of Hazards Associated with Operating an ATV by a Paraplegic. Forensic Engineering Investigation of an Accident with Two Riders on a One Rider ATV. Product Design, Product Manufacturing and Product Quality Control Issues.


In-Car Crash Video

Posted: 03/15/2014

In-Car Crash Video

Intersection Crash Video 1

Posted: 03/15/2014

Intersection Crash Video

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Product Design, Product Manufacturing and Product Quality Control Issues

 Quality control starts at the point of product conception and is carried all the way through to the final design and manufacture of a product.  Product defects and failures can be attributed
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The Physics of a Collision

When we drive our vehicles down the road, we are driving them at a certain velocity and direction. All vehicles have weight and mass to the order of a few hundred pounds for a motorcycle, a few thousand
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