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Professional Reconstruction Services - Keep in contact with your clients during the analysis of the case under review.

About A Spectrum Consultant Group

Spectrum Consultants Group currently offers a full line of services in all areas of accident investigation and reconstruction.

Our quick response group, comprised of more than thirty associates located throughout the United States, is designed to get an expert on-scene while a commercial vehicle accident is still fresh. Once we receive the call, we can normally have personnel on scene within a short time.  This is a 24-hour service. The response time is usually less than three hours for clients under agreement and within our coverage area.

NOTE: We are always looking to enhance this program by bringing on new talent. If you are interested and you have the credentials for the investigation or reconstruction of heavy truck, we would like to hear from you.

If you are an in the trucking industry, an insurance agent, a prosecutor, or defense attorney, and need someone to assist you with a crash, we have the staff available to assist (even for review of other experts' reports).

We image Event Data Records/Engine Control Modules (EDR/ECM's) on passenger vehicles and heavy trucks.

We have personnel on staff that can handle most any type of motor vehicle crash. We can conduct wheel loss case analysis, design video animations, run nighttime visibility/conspicuity studies, reconstruct auto, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents, study occupant kinematics, perform vehicle inspections/examinations, investigate insurance fraud cases, do lamp and air brake examinations, undertake construction zone crashes, and more.  Please review our brochure for a more detailed explanation of our services.

The three most unique areas we handle are:

(1) Emergency vehicle response — police, fire, and ambulance. These accidents go beyond typical speed, time and distance analysis, involving in particular emergency lighting (does it meet the standards) and driver behavior and response.

(2) Wheel failure analysis. It's simple to determine if a wheel is over-torqued. It is more difficult to conclude that it is under-torqued.  There are many causes that lead to under-torquing, and it may not be your client's responsibility.  

(3) Conspicuity. This is also very complex. Studying a pedestrian, truck-tractor or other hazard while sitting in a car under nighttime conditions may not really explain what caused the event.  We consider that these issues are usually not researched enough and are presented with only partial knowledge of the facts. 

We handle all types of vehicle collisions. In addition we have the capability to complete a thorough examination of automobile and heavy truck components, including hydraulic and air brakes. We have inspectors and mechanics that are available to assist our staff with mechanical failures, or in some cases human factors that may have contributed to the incident. 

Our founder is the co-author of Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation & Reconstruction, a textbook published by Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company.

Our sister organization (CLEE) provides a full line of training programs that are tailored to your specific needs as an insurance personnel or attorney.  We also offer full-length courses for the law-enforcement community. These courses are offered in association with Mount Aloysius College and CEUs are awarded for these programs.

Our goal is to provide quality service to our clients along with a complete and fair analysis of the events that took place.

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Name A Spectrum Consultant Group
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Contact's Name Rick Varner
Position Owner
Year Established: 1984
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Phone Number (814) 242-4647
Additional Phone Number 814 487-7381
536 Seesetown Road, P.O. Box 40
Sidman, PA 15955
United States
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Professional Background

Curriculum Vitae: View My Curriculum Vitae
Credentials: Qualified as an expert witness in the various fields of Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, Alcohol Related Topics, and various Breath Test Equipment. Training of Law-Enforcement Officers throughout the United States and Canada.
Representative Matters: Our services are open to transportation, insurance, defense or plaintiff, criminal prosecution or defense, and we offer a variety of training programs.
Associations: SAE, NAPARS, SCJAP,
Credentials: Our staff has testified in minor, state, and federal courts. We have been qualified as expert witnesses in various states. Several of our immediate staff and associates have instructed in the area of Accident Investigation and Reconstruction.
Languages Spoken: English
Honors & Awards: Awards Issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. U.S. Department of Transportation for training in Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation, and related training in the field of Accident Reconstruction.
Published & Press: Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation & Reconstruction Textbook, published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing. Co-Author Editions 1 & 2. Numerous papers for investigations and training.


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